Learn Italian and discover Emilia Romagna; it is a fantastic region for all, from its historical and cultural monuments up to the entertaining beaches of the famous Romagnola Coast.

You don’t believe it? Let me explain why!

In Emilia Romagna you can admire small Medieval and Renaissance treasures which are spread throughout the entire region, not to mention its beautiful coasts which are amongst the world’s most well-known in Europe for night life.

But it doesn’t end here. In this splendid region you can explore  centuries old – forests, national parks with crystal clear lakes, and you can also appreciate unique historical traditions, religious tours and the most ancient University in the world.

But Emilia or Romagna?

Emilia (Piacenza, Parma, Reggio Emilia, Modena, Bologna e Ferrara) and Romagna (Ravenna, Forlì-Cesena, Rimini) have different architectural styles, dialects and, most of all, cultural and culinary traditions.

What can you do in Emilia Romagna?

As we have already said, you can never get bored in Emila Romagna. You can find places and sights that are capable of satisfying everyone, from the youngest to the oldest.

Let’s start from Bologna:  it is known as the “Dotta” (The Learned) because the first University in the world was founded here during medieval times (the prestigiuos atheneum  where I have studied and my carreer as Italian language teacher was born). It is also called the “Grassa” (The Chubby) because of the good food, and the “Rossa” (The Red), for the tyoical color of the bricks of its towers and palaces.

It was also once called the “Turrita” (The Towered City) because it had hundreds of towers. Now, there are 20 towers left plus two called “Asinella and Garisenda.” Together with the University, they have become the symbols of the city.

If you think you do not have enough knowledge of art, you will find all you need at the National Art Gallery and at the Mambo (Modern Art Museum in Bologna) where you can admire great works of art.

If you are thinking of spending the evening in Bologna, remember that this city never sleeps. After a lavish supper at one of the many typical traditional restaurants that fill the Bologna streets, you only have to choose how to spend the evening:  Bologna will be able to satisfy your entertainment, whether you decide to go to an elegant bar in the old part of town, or to the young University zone in Via Zamboni, or even to the noisy street of Pratello.

If you’re only passing through Emilia Romagna, you must absolutely visit the magnificent city of Ravenna.

It has a glorious past and a present to be rediscovered.

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