Meet Your native Italian Pofessor: irene tempestini

Irene is a native Italian Journalist and Art Historian from Pistoia, an historic city near Florence. She studied at the prestigious University of Florence and she graduated with honors. With a strong passion for writing, after the University she became a Journalist. Enlisted in the Professional Register of Journalists, she has gained experience in multiple newsrooms as Editor first, and as Director then.

She has always been in love with music, so she decided to found and direct the magazine, where you can find articles about music, theater, arts, fashion, literature, cinema and so much more. She is also Editorial Director and Artistic Director of Orme Radio, a web radio located in Florence.

As an Art Historian she has recognized and attribuited some important paintings and sculptures of the Eighteenth and Seventeenth century. 

She works as project manager and head of communication for Fashion, Jewelry, Cinema and Music events all over Italy.

She is writing a cooking book with her family traditional recipes and she is creating her own clothing line.